It’s so exciting to find new seeds or plants to add to the garden. That’s why I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to garden catalogs, and I love looking through them! I do have my favorites, though, and I share my top 10 very best garden catalogs with you here.

10 Very Best Garden Catalogs Every Gardener Needs (& Why!)

  1. Botanical Interests
  2. Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  3. Prairie Moon Nursery
  4. Bluestone Perennials
  5. Swallowtail Garden Seeds
  6. Renee’s Garden
  7. Select Seeds
  8. Annie’s Heirloom Seeds
  9. Joyful Butterfly
  10. American Meadows

Whether you’re looking to buy seeds or live plants, I have found these companies to be my top picks.

The reasons they are the best garden catalogs include the safety of seeds for pollinators, Non-GMO, neonicotinoid and pesticide-free, customer service, speed of delivery, and variety.

I’ll list some honorable mentions at the end and share with you why I love these companies!

One thing to note is with most of these websites, they offer a discount upon visiting, so that is a plus as well!

TIP: Want to save paper and save the trees? All of these companies have easy and helpful websites to shop.

1. Botanical Interests

10 very best garden catalogs that every gardener needs botanical interests

What is NOT to love about Botanical Interests!? A few years ago, I found them when I searched for organic, safe milkweed, and other butterfly seeds.

Their massive variety, care for pollinators, and success with each seed packet made me a forever fan. They have detailed planting and care instructions and also carry heirloom seeds and gardening items.

Botanical Interests is usually the first site I go to when searching for new seeds. I have spent quite a bit of money here, but have gorgeous flowers to back that.

You can shop online or request a physical catalog. This company gets an A+ from me and is definitely one of my best garden catalogs!

2. Johnny’s Selected Seeds

10 very best garden catalogs that every gardener needs johnny's selected seeds

I was made aware of this company when I took my Master Gardener class. I’ve been using them ever since for my vegetable needs.

I love the Non-GMO varieties and care instructions they offer. Speaking of what they offer – it’s a lot! There are varieties you may not see in stores or other catalogs. This employee-owned company also offers flower, fruit, herb seeds, and gardening items.

I’ve had great success with my vegetable garden by using their seeds! This company has one of the best garden catalogs for vegetables.

You can shop online or request a physical catalog.

3. Prairie Moon Nursery

10 very best garden catalogs that every gardener needs prairie moon nursery

Prairie Moon Nursery is another company that only offers a wide variety of seeds along with plants and other gardening items. They focus on native plants and restoration, and I love that about them.

Their plant information is fantastic, too. They have excellent details and germination codes for planting information (like cold-stratification) and suggest other flowers to pair with that plant.

Their dedication to helping pollinators makes me a huge fan. Plus, they have a wonderful variety, some plants that you don’t see elsewhere. One of my best garden catalogs for sure!

Shop online or request a physical catalog. Definitely an A+ company!

4. Bluestone Perennials

10 very best garden catalogs that every gardener needs bluestone perennials

Bluestone Perennials is first-rate. They have all of the things most gardening companies do, like seeds, bulbs, gardening items, and plants. They also offer grasses and flowering shrubs.

They are a second-generation, family-owned business that has a massive variety of perennials.

They have excellent information on their plant selections and send live plants in a 100% biodegradable fiber plant. This allows you to plant without shock to the roots.

I usually try to shop online with most companies, but this is one of the best garden catalogs to look through!

You can shop online or request a physical catalog.

5. Swallowtail Garden Seeds

10 very best garden catalogs that every gardener needs swallowtail garden seeds

I love Swallowtail Garden Seeds! I stumbled upon this company by accident when I was looking for butterfly host plants, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

I’ve had great success with their seeds, and I love their variety. They have annuals and perennials, vegetables, flowering vines, and herb seeds.

Another of my go-to companies for seeds!

You can shop online only, as they are all about saving trees! Their planting information is very informative, and ordering online is easy.

6. Renee’s Garden

10 very best garden catalogs that every gardener needs Renee's garden

I love this company, as they seem to do a lot for pollinators and donate to organizations. They have also signed the Safe Seed Pledge, which is a great bonus.

They offer various heirloom, flower, herb, gourmet vegetable seeds, and garlic and shallots. You’ll also find bulbs, gardening items, and other resources.

Their packets also offer helpful and different information on planting, so you’re never left wondering which seed is best for you.

If you’ve never heard of them, I say give them a try as they are another A+ company!

They do not offer a physical catalog. You can shop online, though, and have fun adding all that beauty to your cart! I sure do!

7. Select Seeds

10 very best garden catalogs that every gardener needs select seeds

Do you remember a flower your grandparents had in their yard but can’t find it anywhere? You may be able to find it at Select Seeds.

They have an extensive selection of high-quality flower seeds and plants, heirloom flowers, open-pollinated annuals, bee-friendly seeds and plants, flowering vines, and rare seeds and plants.

They have a wide variety and detailed information, so fun to shop or browse! Select Seeds is a great company and one of my best garden catalogs!

You can shop online or request a physical catalog.

8. Annie’s Heirloom Seeds

10 very best garden catalogs that every gardener needs Annie's heirloom seeds

Annie’s Heirloom Seeds offers exactly what the name says, heirloom seeds. What exactly is an heirloom seed?

As the owner says on her website, it’s a Non-GMO, open-pollinated (meaning you can collect your own seeds) variety of seed that’s at least 50 years old. And, heirloom vegetables taste better than hybrids!

Annie’s offers a nice variety of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and some other goodies, including organic. This is a family-owned business, and it’s noticeable that they put their hearts into their company.

One of the best garden catalogs for heirloom seeds, you can shop online or request a physical catalog.

9. Joyful Butterfly

10 very best garden catalogs that every gardener needs joyful butterfly

Another seed/plant company that I totally love! I stumbled upon Joyful Butterfly when I first got into planting host plants for different butterfly species, as it’s their specialty!

Their website is filled with host or nectar plants for pollinators, including annuals and perennials.

Of course, most of her plants also benefit other pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, moths, and more. All seeds and plants are pollinator-safe.

This is one of the first places I shop when I’m looking for butterfly plants or seeds! She also has some different varieties you may not see elsewhere – all with step-by-step care and information.

Give Joyful Butterfly a try; the company is excellent! They don’t have a physical catalog, but you can shop online with ease.

10. American Meadows

10 very best garden catalogs that every gardener needs American meadows

Although their wildflower seeds are hand-packed by staff, they are not growers. They get their seeds from quality growers around the globe, and most seeds are grown for them. (they have detailed info on their website)

They offer bulbs, seeds, plants, and gardening tools. They have great growing and care information and have boxes to check for your soil, growing zones, and other criteria.

American Meadows also offers native plants and has 100% certified organic seeds. Many helpful guides are on their site and even some fun info like state flowers and birds.

Due to environmental, logistical, and financial reasons, American Meadows choose to have online shopping only.

Have to also mention…

I do have my best garden catalogs that I shop from first, but I also want to mention a couple of others.

  • Seed Savers Exchange is one of them worth mentioning. They offer untreated, non-hybrid, non-GMO vegetable seeds from their seed bank. They also have an applauded mission statement as they are dedicated to preserving quality seeds. You can request a physical catalog or shop online.
  • Territorial Seed Company is another worth checking out. They are 100% non-GMO and are signers of the Safe Seed Pledge. They offer a massive amount of vegetable and herb seed and have excellent information on all they offer. Plus, a lot of fun stuff to shop for! Shop online or request a physical catalog.
  • Wildseed Farms has various wildflowers, annuals, perennials, and grasses that they grow themselves. They have helpful information on their website and a lot of pretty flowers! If you live near them, you can take a tour. Shop online or browse a digital format of their catalog.

There are plenty of quality gardening catalogs that I haven’t listed, I know. These are honestly the main ones I shop from and enjoy, and most of my flowers and plants have come directly from them.

I look for certain things when shopping for seeds and plants, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article. Are they treated, non-GMO, pollinator-friendly, and high quality?

You’d think that seeds treated with pesticides or other chemicals wouldn’t affect the plant as it grows, but it does. Please choose quality companies as you add to your best garden catalogs and have a blast growing pretty things!

So much fun to browse all the beauty, and I’m curious, which of my best garden catalogs have you already requested? Please share it with me below! 🙂

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