There are so many gorgeous varieties of flowers in our world! You can choose from so many different annuals and perennials, but have you remembered the zinnia? Here are 5 fun reasons you need it in your yard.

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My yard is filled with mostly-native flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees to attract what I love most – birds, butterflies, and pollinators of all kinds. I have water sources, hiding places, and areas or boxes for nesting. And you will always be able to find the zinnia.

I love this flower. It’s there with me through every season, smiling at me throughout my day, regardless if I’m smiling back or not. 🙂

This flower is a genus of plants of the sunflower tribe within the daisy family. No wonder they are so cheerful. Check out how awesome they are.

1. They last all season long

they last all season long why you need the beautiful zinnia in your yard

These glorious flowers will begin blooming in spring and last until frost. I deadhead most of the flowers, but let a couple go to seed (more on that later), to have more the next year.

They are glorious and never fail to have at least one flower on them. Zinnias have a single stem like a daisy with pretty leaves.

They are an annual but do make up for it though with their constant blooms. They really are a staple of summer and can take the heat by smiling at the sun with their own beautiful blooms.

The zinnia is very easy to take care of too. I do give them very light fertilizer as they grow and occasionally throughout their season. But for the most part, natural rain, sun, and watering when it’s dry gets them through just fine.

I have some growing right in the sun on my deck, and I have some growing in an area that only gets morning sun. They are all thriving!

Seriously. Flowers all season long! Oh, and they are deer resistant!

2. Pollinators absolutely love it

why you need the beautiful zinnia in your yard pollinators absolutely love it

I see everything from small bees to butterflies and hummingbirds on my zinnias. So many different pollinators love it!

The zinnia is one of the first plants I will suggest to someone looking for an easier flower to attract butterflies or bees.

It is a nectar-rich flower all summer long and can be planted in pots or sown directly in the ground. You can buy them or start them from seed.

They are versatile, sturdy, forgiving, and beautiful.

If you like taking pictures of your garden, pollinators on this flower will be one of your favorite props.

3. There’s a variety for every mood

there's a variety for every mood why you need the beautiful zinnia in your yard

There is a zinnia in every color of the rainbow, including green.

There are different petal shapes and conformations. They can look more like daisies or peonies. They can be as big as your hand or smaller and more delicate.

They can be tall and tower over your garden, keeping a watchful eye. Or they can be shorter, keeping the front of your garden colorful and happy.

Some of my favorite colors are the variegated ones, which combine yellow and orange, pink and white, and many other combinations.

They are glorious and beautiful and if you like flowers? You’ll find a zinnia to fall in love with.

4. They are very easy to grow from seeds

they are very easy to grow from seeds why you need the beautiful zinnia in your yard

I am one of those women who will look through a favorite gardening catalog or website and walk away with at least $20 in seeds.

I’m addicted to them!

My eyes get big like a kid in a candy store, and I get this little smile on my face as I look at all of the pretty zinnia varieties, begging for me to buy them.

And I do.

Seeds are not only a money saver but are so gratifying. I love watching things grow and sometimes walk in to check my growing flower a few times a day.

Have I said yet that I’m addicted?

I’ve fallen in love with this flower. The variety is huge, and they will pop out of that dirt in just a day or two.

How to successfully raise seedlings is a different article, but let me just tell you that they are easy to grow. Perfect for a beginner if you are one.

As a matter of fact, the zinnia was my first flower, after the marigold, that I tried.

It spoiled me as I looked at the rest of my seeds, wondering what was taking them so long, haha.

Go buy a packet and try them. You’ll be hooked. 🙂

5. Seeds are easy to collect

seeds are easy to collect why you need the beautiful zinnia in your yard

Although I buy new zinnia seeds every year, I do collect a few of my own too.

It’s easy to do, you just have to be willing to let a flower get past it’s prime occasionally. This is hard for me to do sometimes because I like looking at fresh flowers.

All you have to do is allow the flower head to dry completely on the plant. It’ll be dark brown and dry when it’s ready for you to harvest the seeds.

Trying to gather them too early will result in immature seeds that will not produce a plant for you next year.

Once your flower is brown, dry, and ready to collect, simply snip it off and either roll it around over a bowl to disperse seeds. Or what I do is put it in a brown paper bag and shake it.

Store them in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to plant them.

The entire flower can be stored until you’re ready to plant the seeds.

An important thing to know is that your seeds will only grow true from seed again next year if they were from open-pollinated plants.

If you are uncertain or can’t find the information on this, just keep records of which variety you’ve tried, and which were successful or not.

I’ve found the Zowie variety to not be true to seed. Most of the ones I have tried, though, have given me lots of free flowers the next year.

Although I’m sure there are way more than I’ve tried, the ones that were successful for me so far were the following.

  • Bright Jewels
  • Green Envy
  • Cut n Come Again
  • State Fair Mix
  • Candy Cane
  • California Giant
  • Lilac Queen

Again, I’m sure there are lots more, and I will update this list as I try more, but these grow easily for me. There’s something very gratifying and fun about that!

What’s your story with zinnias? Do you have a favorite variety? I’d love to hear, share it with me below. 🙂 Thank you!

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