The gift ideas listed in this article are the actual gifts I wished for, received and loved, or went out and bought after a holiday. Get ready to make your birder happy with these birdwatching gift ideas in all price ranges.

This list includes cute, fun, unique, and practical things. To be honest? I looked back at my own purchases over the past few years and gifts I have received or wanted.

It’s designed to make you the best gift-giver ever when you have no idea what to get a bird lover. Put the ties back on the shelf, get shopping for what’s actually wanted, and be appreciated.

1. Birdwatching gift ideas under $25

41 most appreciated birdwatching gift ideas under $25
  • If you’ve ever heard a wren sing, you know why a bird lover wants them nesting on their property! This wren birdhouse is an excellent birdwatching gift idea as it’s a quality product and also houses chickadees. My house wrens love these nest boxes!
  • I have at least four bird identification books, and this one is still the first one I grab. It’s super easy to look through and pretty accurate, too, with the drawings. My parents and grandparents always had one, and now, so do I. Great price, too!
  • I have to include this bird book as well, as it’s the second one I will grab, often along with the Golden Field Guide I just mentioned. Great book with a lot of great information.
  • I love journals. My mom used to write in one every day for years before she passed away. In it, she would always record what birds she saw or the first ones back after winter. And really, what bird lover doesn’t love owls? I need about 10 of these journals! 🙂
  • Birdwatching gift ideas don’t always have to be practical. And this is perfect for the bird lover who not only loves hummingbirds but loves scripture or inspirational quotes as well. It’s an ideal wall hanging that’s just the right size to fill that wall with something pretty. If your bird lover is into pretty things, then look no further. I love it.

Hummingbirds are amazing, and so are these feeders. They are the only ones I hang now as they almost completely keep the wasps away. The bonus is that you get two! I think even non-bird lovers can appreciate seeing these little flying jewels! But please, no red dye!

  • I bought this heated birdbath over seven years ago, and it still works perfectly. It has an automatic shut-off, so it doesn’t keep heating when it’s warmer outside. My birds especially love this in the middle of winter when all the ponds are frozen!
  • Under $25 and cute, I purchased these bird suncatchers as a practical idea. I have them on my windows to help prevent window crashes (along with my decals). They work great and are fun to look at.
  • These decals are almost a must-have to any single bird lover feeding birds on their property. Window strikes are sad and can be deadly, and since I’ve hung these up, I rarely have one. They aren’t that noticeable to us, but to the birds outside, they are lifesaving. This might not be part of your super exciting birdwatching gift ideas, but it is certainly worth it.

2. Gifts between $25 – $75

This is a great house for bluebirds, tree swallows, and even house wrens to raise young in. It allows for easy cleaning and has two ways to hang. I have several of these around my property and am beyond thrilled to host bluebirds and tree swallows! Just make sure your bird lover monitors the nest boxes for house sparrows. We don’t want these invasive, non-native birds to take over; the house sparrows nests can be lawfully removed.

  • I absolutely love having eye-catching pictures or tasteful decorations of birds in my house; this is definitely one of them. It’s also one of those birdwatching gift ideas that are easy to by-pass because most people don’t like buying pictures, it seems. But if this is the style of your bird lover, get it! It’s perfect for the right area! There is also an option for a bigger size.
  • This is a beautiful book, and it’s an excellent choice for the bird lover in your life who loves bird books with actual photos. This one highlights over 650 birds and is packed with useful, interesting information. It’s a must-have!
  • If you are looking for birdwatching gift ideas for your fancier bird lover, then these fancy mugs are it! 🙂 Not only are they Lenox, which means quality and a collector’s item someday, but they are beautiful! I’m kind of hooked on mugs that mean something to me, and these definitely fit the bill!

3. Birdwatching gift ideas from $75 – $150

the 41 most appreciated birdwatching gift ideas from $75 to $150
  • Binoculars are a must-have for birdwatchers! I grab mine so often, they are sitting in the kitchen by the window. These are the ones I have used for years. I’ve never taken them out for a walk. But they are perfect for looking way back in my 10-acre pasture when the bobolinks, meadowlarks, and Savannah sparrows, among others, return in the spring.
  • Although the Bushnell’s are my absolute go-to for around the house, I have a smaller, lighter pair for taking along when I go for walks. This pair by Vortex is very durable and great for IDing birds that are hiding behind those twigs! They also have an option of an 8×42 for $10 cheaper.
  • I love quilts! And if I didn’t dislike sewing so much (or at least I used to), I’d probably make them. It’s the first thing I’m drawn to in a cute shop, and this one is no exception. Why? Because it has birds on it! It’s super cute and will definitely put a smile on your bird lover’s face if they like quilts. Comes in different sizes.
  • I really like the look of this quality birdbath. It’s perfect to put in the middle of your bird lover’s flower gardens or simply near a tree or deck. It has different colors and designs, and the top can be twisted off for easy cleaning (it locks in place). It’s hand-painted and an excellent addition! You can never go wrong with birdwatching gift ideas that take care of feathered friends!
  • It really is a sickening feeling to be out with your expensive camera gear, only to feel raindrops, and you’re far away from your car. This poncho is a little pricey, but it’s huge and big enough to cover backpacks and any camera gear you have. It also doubles as a tarp for shelter. It’s suggested by Audubon because its sturdy, birders love it, and it lasts for years. It can also be rolled up and can fit in your pocket.
  • I’m not really into worrying about what kinds of dishes I have, but I LOVE this 16 piece set by Mikasa. I really can’t say enough good about it. It’s sturdy, cute but classy, and really can be used for any occasion – one of those birdwatching gift ideas for the birder who already has everything. You can also get a 48 piece set if you have a big family!

4. Gifts over $150

41 most appreciated birdwatching gift ideas gifts over $150

If you or someone you love is into birding, you know how expensive it can get with the zoom lens, quality cameras, scopes, and binoculars. I won’t get too much into the tech side of it here, as we all have our favorite products and seem to research pretty well when we’re shopping for it.

  • But I will include this camera because it’s a birder’s favorite. And if money is no object for you, you will get brownie points for years if you gift the Canon EOS 7D MarkII. You can get the body only if your birder already has many lenses or a bundle, including different goodies to go with this camera.
  • For Nikon lovers, you really can’t go wrong with the Nikon D7500. This is a great camera bundle that includes some lenses to get you started. I love my camera. It’s an investment that’s been well worth it.
  • The last camera on this list, I’ve got to include this fantastic and easy-to-use point and shoot. I love grabbing this camera when I’m in a hurry and even reach for it over my other ones sometimes. It takes excellent pictures, even on the auto setting!
  • A friend of mine worked many extra hours to save up enough money to get a pair of Swarovski binoculars. She’s not really into taking pictures but says her quality binoculars have been her most coveted, best purchase ever. If this is your birders’ goal, and you don’t mind the price tag, then this is for you. The old adage “you get what you pay for” works in this case, for sure! There are other magnification options as well here.

5. Unique gifts in all price ranges

I had to throw in a few unique birdwatching gift ideas for those who like to give something different but will still be appreciated.

  • These wind chimes are so cute, and they come in different color options as well. It can be a lovely keepsake or just a charming addition to a patio or flower garden. The chiming isn’t too loud or annoying, and it’s adorable and reasonably priced.
  • I absolutely adore these handcrafted wood carvings and want every single bird they make! They are incredibly beautiful and look lifelike. They are hand-carved and painted with eco-friendly paints. Any one of these would put a massive smile on my face! I need these! 🙂
  • Some of these birdwatching gift ideas are unique, and this is no exception. These birds are so cool! Handcrafted in Haiti and made from recycled steel drum, they would look really nice on almost any wall. I really like this set, and the company is a member of the Fair Trade Association.
  • If you or your bird lover is a board game fan (raising both hands!), then you’ll love this game. Gather your birding friends and sit down for a fun, different night of board games. Designed to put birding knowledge to the test!
  • This travel mug is super cute and a perfect gift for your bird lover who likes to take a beverage on the go. Just read the reviews; people love it, and so will your birder. 🙂

6. Common but appreciated birdwatching gift ideas

41 most appreciated birdwatching gift ideas common but appreciated gift ideas

Birdwatching starts in our own yards, and there’s no better way to start than having quality feeders. The following are my favorite feeders for each bird’s needs.

Bird feeders

  • Birdwatching gift ideas are perfect when they are practical because birders can never get enough feeders! And you really can’t go wrong with a platform feeder. Mine is always full of birds, especially those that prefer it over a basic feeder.
  • Fill this feeder full of peanuts and watch the blue jays, woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, and other birds go crazy trying to get them. Birds love peanuts! Just make sure your birder uses unsalted peanuts and also have your camera ready. It’s fun to watch.
  • Having a thistle/Nyjer feeder will attract all kinds of finches, pine siskins, and other birds who love this seed. My chickadees are always on it, too. You can also purchase the “socks” for your birdwatcher.
  • You really can never go wrong with gifting a hopper feeder to your birder. This one even has two cages for suet. The birds absolutely love this feeder, and most birds will perch on it to dine. If you are trying to deter the house sparrow from your feeders, simply hang it under an overhang or place shoestrings over the roof. Other birds don’t mind them a bit.
  • This list of feeders for birdwatching gift ideas wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include a jelly feeder for your bird lover! My jelly feeders are packed with orioles, catbirds, woodpeckers, grosbeaks, and random other birds that love the jelly and fruit. This is the main one I use, and I have gifted it as well!
  • Does your birder love to feed mealworms to the bluebirds? This is a great, inexpensive little feeder that will do the trick. I’ve found other birds like to stop in for a treat as well. You can also purchase one that comes with a bag of mealworms. How’s THAT for unique yet practical birdwatching gift ideas? Mealworms, haha!
  • I have this squirrel-proof feeder and absolutely love it. It’s also well-made as I’ve had it for a few years now, and it’s holding up like it’s brand new. It works, and even works for the smaller red fox squirrel.
  • My birds love these feeders, and I have three of them. All of them are filled with black-oil sunflower seeds. I’ve also noticed that the house sparrows don’t seem to like them. Comes in red or green. The lowest cost in these birdwatching gift ideas with a high rating!

Other items

  • Although this baffle might be listed under boring for birdwatching gift ideas, it sure is appreciated for those trying to keep squirrels from demolishing birdseed! Simple but effective. ***Never use grease or oil on a pole or shepherds hook as it can be very harmful to bird’s feathers!
  • This is THE BEST squirrel baffle, and I own three of them. It’s made specifically for shepherds hooks and thin poles of the same size. It has saved my sanity! Mind you, I do feed my squirrels corn cobs every day but don’t want them on my feeders.
  • It’s common to research something if you’re just getting into it. And if your bird lover is pretty new in his or her hobby or just wants to learn more, this book has a lot of great information.

Bird food

Bird lovers can never get enough quality birdseed to feed their birds! I recommend shopping at Tractor Supply stores or Family Farm & Home stores for the best prices. (or whatever you have in your area!)

The birdseed I recommend is to keep the birds coming is:

  • Black oil or gray striped sunflower seeds
  • Nyjer seed
  • Safflower seed
  • Peanuts (unsalted!)
  • Suet cakes
  • Cracked corn (sparingly)
  • White millet (sparingly if needed)

I really hope this birdwatching gift ideas list has given you many great ideas for your birder! And if you are the birder and want some of this stuff? Why not share this article on social media or pass it along as a hint? Right? Haha!

Hey, if you have more favorites you think I should list or love some of these products yourself, please comment below! Thank you for joining me!

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